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With millions of pages indexed by the search engines, no company can
guarantee your position in each search engine. That's why you need to
carefully select your web promotion partner. Our clients trust Promoting Online because of our success in achieving high search engine placement for them.

"We are more than happy with the results Julie has worked for, and the information she has passed on to us. For our major keyword "gadgets" we are currently looking at 3rd place (out of one and a half million results...) on Google! But as well as that, we have fantastic results on the other major search engines, particularly here in the UK, where we're based.

Moreover, we're grateful to Julie for the contact she keeps with us, not just emailing over our search engine results but also any articles of interest, and her in-depth knowledge and access to any information we could think of needing!

We pity her competition."

Mike Morrison


I just wanted to take a
moment and let you know
how happy we are with the
results we have received as
a result of your hard work.
Not only are we thrilled with
the excellent search engine
placements, but we are
equally happy with the
service we have received.
Having never done this
before we were new to the
process and a little unsure
of what to expect. However,
you have been wonderful in
both explaining the process
and always being available
to answer a question, or
provide guidance.

Your assistance has made
a major impact on the
success of our site. We were
very fortunate to have chosen
your firm for our search
engine placement and look
forward to working with you
for many years to come.
Your hard work and
dedication is greatly
appreciated by everyone at

Howard Stone
Just Her Sports



  Promoting Online Client Results:

Paul Hooper - Realtor

Golden Web Jewelers
“We could not be more delighted with the results we’ve seen from Promoting Online.  Within days of getting started with them, our site began showing up among the top listings in our key categories, on virtually every major search engine.  And our in-house tracking shows that click-throughs from search engines to our site have increased by more than 400% since Promoting Online started managing the process for us.  The returns have more than justified the small investment, and we highly recommend this company to businesses of any size that want to make themselves more visible on the web.” –Michael Hess, CEO,

Dear Promoting Online,

I wanted to take this opportunity to write to you and tell you how
completely indispensable you are to us. The best investment we have
ever made in our business in the past few years has been your service.
It is the one thing I can honestly say that truly makes the difference
in success or failure on the internet!

We would not be where we are today without Promoting Online. We hold some of the best slots in search engines and we owe that all to the
hard work and dedication that Promoting Online has given us.

Let's face it, if they can't find you, they won't shop with you! This is the best thing you can do for your business, if that is, you are serious about becoming a top ranking site in the search engines.

Once again, our deepest gratitude goes out to Promoting Online and it's owner Julie Poole. Julie, keep up the good work, you are a treasure in this industry and I encourage all eBusiness's to take the right steps to ensure success on the internet. Use the valuable services of Promoting Online, you will never regret the increase in business you will gain from that decision.

Thank You for Years of Dedication,
Stephanie and Brian McGrath
Golden Web Jewelers



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