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Why can’t I get a single word rather than a phrase?
You can try, but it is unusual for people to search for things on the Internet
using a single keyword. They usually use a combination of keywords or
"keyword phrases" when using search engines. It is also more difficult to get traffic on a single word. You are more likely to get qualified traffic if you choose
more specific keyword phrases. For optimum results all "keywords" should
be phrases of 2 or more words.

How do I choose keywords?
The choice of keywords is paramount to your success on being found in the

search engines. Put yourself in your customer’s shoes. Think like the average
person who knows nothing about your particular business. What words would
they use to find a product or service like yours? Please read the section
entitled "Guide to Selecting Keywords" for help.

How many keyword phrases may I have?
You may have up to 4 keyword phrases/page. (phrases are combinations of 2

or more keywords, with 4 keywords in a phrase being the suggested maximum). Much more than 4 keyword phrases per page tends to dilute the keyword impact and lower your ranking in the search engines.

Why can’t I do this myself?
You can. Through trial and error you can find out how to optimize your web

site for the search engines. This service was developed to save you, the web
site owner, time, and allow you to concentrate on running your business.
Learning how to do it yourself costs less money, but more time. It’s up to you
to decide which you have more of.

How long will it take before I see results?
You will see results in as little as 4 weeks after we submit your web site to

the search engines. However, each search engine takes varying lengths of time to index and the norm is 6-8 weeks.

Can I see some client results?

Yes, we have provided some examples of client results here.

How do you know what the search engines are looking for?
I became involved in search engine optimization by necessity. Being a web

site owner myself, I soon realized how important it was business wise that
my web site be found on the Internet. The designer of my first web site was doing a wonderful job with search engine submission. Being the helpful person that I am, I forwarded on ALL the information I came across that dealt with search engines and search engine submission. This went on for quite a while.

One day I realized my designer was busy enough without having to sort through all the information I sent. So, I (reluctantly at 1st) decided to learn everything I could about search engine optimization and submission. Besides they were  threatening to quit if I didn't stop. Now after hundreds of hours of research I know a lot more than I did originally. I continually keep up-to-date on search engine optimization techniques.

Is this what’s called spamming the search engines?
No, we submit your optimized home page to the search engines. We don’t

"keyword stuff" or hide keywords in your web site’s background. The
maximum keyword repetition we use is 3.

What is the difference between what you do and a web site
submission service?

A web site submission service is designed to help you with your web site’s
inclusion in the search engines. Here at PromotingOnline.com we focus on
increasing your web site’s position in the search engines.

Why is submission by hand important?
85%-95% of your search engine traffic will originate from the Top 10 search

engines. This factor alone indicates the importance of manual submission.
With manual submission, you are immediately aware of any problems with
retrieving your URL for indexing. Software does not always detect this.
In addition, some of the search engines are now ignoring automated

submission services.

What are your payment methods?
Orders require advance payment. Payment may be made via credit card online, personal check or money order.

Do you provide site optimization for adult sites?
No we do not.

Do you provide site optimization for sites done in frames?
No, we do not feel like we can do a good job for you if your site is in frames.

Frame sites are not designed with search engine placement in mind.

After you submit my web site I no longer have to worry about my web site's position on the search engines right?
Monitoring your web site’s position is an ongoing process. There are a

number of reasons your web site’s position on a search engine relative to
your keywords might change:

   1. Search engines will change their method for ranking web sites. Your

       web site can have a good search position today, and a poor position
       under a new rating system tomorrow.

   2. Expect your web site to drop off a search engine every now and then

       for no reason. Errors occur with search engines causing them to lose
       pages at random.

   3. Every web site on the planet that is related to yours will try their hardest

       to knock you out of position.

Your web site position can and will change many times. You must monitor

your search engine placement on a regular basis. We offer an optional
service of monthly monitoring that includes resubmission when needed.
With consistent monitoring services, you’ll know your web site is always
in the best available position. This service includes:

   1. Confirmation that your web site is listed with the following search engines:


   2. Monitoring search engine placement
   3. Re-doing Title tag, Meta tags and ALT tags if needed.
   4. Resubmitting to the above ten search engines as needed.

How valuable is this to me?
The top search engines (AltaVista for example) charge $5000 per month for a

banner ad tied to a keyword. Many people have begun to tune out these
banner ads, and are more likely to pay attention to search results. Good
search engine positions can be of great value to your company.

Why only 4 keyword phrases?
If you use a limited number of keyword phrases, it increases the density of

those few keywords and therefore lists them higher-up in the search engines.

Why are you optimizing just the home page?
For many of the search engines (inc. AltaVista, Excite and HotBot), you’ll

find it easier to get high rankings on your home page over secondary pages.
Keep in mind though that for optimum search engine placement all pages of
your web site should include descriptive Title Tag, Meta Tags and ALT Tags.
Obviously the more pages you have optimized, the more chances you have
for getting a good placement in the search engines. If you are interested in
optimizing your entire web site please contact us for a quote.
(It depends on the size of your web site).


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