Search Engine Promotion Guarantee and Terms. Promoting Online will work to get the best possible search engine placement and listing for you. We keep up-to-date on the latest search engine practices to improve your position. Improve Your Search Engine Placement and Increase Your Web Site Traffic - Promoting Online

Guarantee and Terms

We will do everything possible to make sure that your site places well in the
search engines. However, due to the constantly changing algorithms of search
engines, we cannot guarantee any specific results. It is understood that we

have no control whatsoever on the acceptance policies of any search engine
or directory. Some are quite restrictive, Yahoo for example. The time required
to be listed in each search engine varies. Some take as long as 8 weeks but
the average time at present is 6 weeks.

What We Will Do

   select.gif (110 bytes) Do every job to the best of our ability.
   select.gif (110 bytes) Work diligently to get the best possible placement for you.
   select.gif (110 bytes) Keep up-to-date on the latest search engine practices.

Keep in mind that results will be influenced by the size of the market you
are competing against. If you are in a very competitive market, i.e., the real
estate business, it is very difficult to get a listing in the top 3-5 pages.
(Having said that, we did get a real estate company to the number 3 position
on HotBot.)

What We Won’t Do:

   1. Guarantee your listing on search engines and directories. Yahoo is

       a directory and automatic inclusion is not guaranteed. Yahoo personally
       reviews each and every web site and they make the final determination
       whether a web site will be included.

   2. Optimize web sites that are in frames. Some search engines have a

       difficult time indexing frame sites. If we do not feel like we can do a
       good job for you, we'd prefer not to take the job.

   3. Optimize web sites that are hosted on a free server.

       (Tripod, Geocities, CompuServe, AOL, etc.) Sometimes these sites
       have a more difficult time getting indexed and for the same reason as
       above, if we don’t think we can do a good job for you...

   4. Adult sites, Multi Level Marketing (MLM), racist or anti-government

       materials. ( We reserve the right to refuse promotion of certain sites)


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