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Our goal is to help you create a traffic generating web site.
With website optimization, your company can gain a competitive and strategic advantage on the Internet. We will
optimize your home page (default or index.htm) to get you
the best possible exposure and search results positioning.

What are the benefits of web site optimization?
     redbullt.bmp (450 bytes)  Improve your web page position
redbullt.bmp (450 bytes)  Boost visibility in search engine rankings
redbullt.bmp (450 bytes)  Generate web site traffic and increase revenue

What we will do:
We will modify or create all necessary tags utilizing your keywords,

for your index or home page including:
redbullt.bmp (450 bytes)  Title tag
redbullt.bmp (450 bytes)  Keyword Meta tag

     redbullt.bmp (450 bytes)  Description Meta tag
redbullt.bmp (450 bytes)  ALT Text tag
redbullt.bmp (450 bytes)  Comments tag

Once we have completed the optimization of your home page, we will
send it to you in e-mail as a text attachment. Upon receiving the
META improved HTML, change the source code of your web page
yourself (you can cut and paste them from the e-mail) or pass the
improvements on to your webmaster or hosting service for installment
into your web page. Once we receive confirmation from you that your
optimized index page has been uploaded, we manually submit your
home page to the following top 10 search engines and directories.
          Fast/All the Web 

While we can add your web site to other search engines, these are
the most important.

Work on your revised Tags is generally completed within 7 business days.

*More and more search engines have begun the practice of
fee-based submissions and listings. Please be aware that you
may incur additional charges from individual search engines.
We will notify you at the time of submission what the search engines/directories are currently charging.

If you are interested in optimizing your entire web site, please
contact us for a quote.


There are companies that will do a mass automatic submission
your URL without regard to your Title, Description or Keywords. We
strongly recommend that you first optimize your web site for the search
engines before submitting for the BEST possible position and ranking.
Your web site should then be manually submitted to the top 10 search
engines and directories. Why manually? 85 percent to 95 percent of
your traffic will come from the top 10 search engines. It is worth the
extra time to ensure that you are following each individual search
engines submission requirements. If there were any problems with
spidering your site it is important that you see that message and not
leave it up to software that might not detect this.
Proper positioning on the major search engines takes time and
lots of follow-up work - especially if your site has a lot of
competitors. But the payoff can be phenomenal. A high listing
on just one of the major search engines can drive a tremendous
amount of traffic to your site.

Continual monitoring of your web site's position is necessary though,
as there are a number of reasons your web site's position can and
will change.

We offer a monthly monitoring service that includes:
    redbullt.bmp (450 bytes)  Confirmation that your web site is listed with the top 10 search
         engines and directories.
    redbullt.bmp (450 bytes)  Monitoring your web site's search engine placement
    redbullt.bmp (450 bytes)  Re-doing Title Tag, Meta Tags, ALT Tags and Comment Tags
         if needed.
    redbullt.bmp (450 bytes)  Re-submitting to the top 10 search engines as needed.

With consistent monitoring services, you'll know your web site is
always in the best available position. Designed to work in conjunction
with web site optimization, you may order this service at anytime.
The main reason we can see submitting to as many search
engines as possible would be link popularity. The more web
sites which contain a link to your web site, the higher some
search engines will list your site

The only possible method of submitting to large volumes of search
engines, indexes, directories and Free For All (FFA’s) link sites is by
using submission software. The key here is building links before we
submit your web site to the top 10 search engines.

If you want to submit to hundreds of search engines yourself, we recommend Submit Wolf. If you do not want to download and install the software, we will do it for you using our software program which will submit your site to *300+ search engines.

Please note:
We recommend that your web site be submitted by hand to the
following TOP 10 Search Engines & Directories: Alta Vista, Excite,
HotBot, Google, Lycos, MSN, Netscape, ODP, WebCrawler
and Yahoo. Therefore, we do not include these engines
in our software submission package. To make it easier for you, we
have placed a link to the "Add URL" page of each of these engines
on our index page,


*Based on your web site content, the most appropriate search engines
and directories will be chosen to submit your site to. Therefore, the total
number may be more or less than 300 search engines.

Note: Submission to certain search engines, directories and link sites,
will probably generate some "junk e-mail", so you might want to set up
a filter to combat this.


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