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Why should you be concerned about your placement
in the search engines?

According to the Tenth GVU Study (and the previous nine studies),
search engines are used by more than 85 percent of web users to
find things on the Internet.

When people search for a product or service, do they find your web site
or do they find your competitors?

Most search engines return only the top 200 results. Most people
searching on the Internet do not look past the first 3-5 pages of links
returned by the major search engines. If your web site is not listed on
these first 5 pages, chances are you will not be found.

Promoting Online's clients trust us because of our success in achieving
high search engine placement for them.

For more information on how we can help your web site be found in the
search engines, please
contact us or see our search engine optimization services page.

The Key to High Search Engine Placement


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