Is Your Web Site Search Engine Submission Ready? Before registering your web site with the top 10 search engines here are some tips to ensure your web site achieves high search engine placement. Improve Your Search Engine Placement and Increase Your Web Site Traffic - Promoting Online

Is Your Web Site Submission Ready?

 checkAlways make sure your web site is completely finished, spell-
         checked, online and HTML validated before submitting.

checkDo not submit web sites with "Under-Construction" signs; all
        good web sites are always under construction.

checkYour web site content includes your keyword phrases.

Put the words which best describe your site at the top of
        the page (in the first few paragraphs of your text). You do
        not want a search engine to return a description of your
        web site that reads "Welcome to my homepage. This site
        best viewed with Internet Explorer."

checkYou have used a descriptive HTML Title Tag.

checkYour web sites Meta Tags (both Description and Keywords)
        have been developed with high search engine placement in

checkYour ALT Tags include keywords used in complete sentences.

checkYou have used keywords within your links tags.

You have your own domain name. (Not required, but sometimes

checkAll your web pages' URL's include appropriate keywords.

checkYour keyword phrases are in Header Tags not Font Tags.

checkYou have registered your web site with either SafeSurf or RSACi.

checkYour web page loads quickly.

check If your web site is in frames, you have made good use of the
         <NOFRAMES> tag on your index page. Keep in mind that a site
         done in frames will RARELY place well in the search engines.

check You have avoided using Meta Refresh. (This is often considered
         to be spam.)

check If you have used Server-Side Imagemaps, you have provided
         regular links as well.

Your web site does not include anything that could be
         considered spamming by the search engines.

Your index page is more than just a splash screen.



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